About John

The Imagery By John website provides an overall portfolio of the images created by John. The home page provides links to my photography services.

I suppose you want to know something about me?

I have been taking photographs for most of my life and turned professional in the sense of charging for my work. My photographer background comes from using a film camera 35 mm to record the life around me and provide pictures for family and friends on a regular basis. The last ten years have seen me move from film to digital cameras, subsequent then being able to present the images on the internet leading to regular sales of my work.

How did I train to become a photographer?

Well an apprenticeship of around four years working on the commercial market and producing photographs to a specification. Prior to this studying for a Fine Art degree; working for a magazine and working with not for profit organisations. Add to this would be a whole list of family and friend life photography events; baby's; children; weddings; parties and other lifestyle activities.

Why do you do it?

Well I seem to be infected and continually want to improve and enhance what I have done before. Perhaps another way of describing it is, a passion for recording a life event and creating something that is timeless and stands own its own to tell a story of that moment in time.

Other reasons include frustrated artist who never had the time to sit and learn how to paint. Whereas photography provides a way of presenting a canvas of the things I enjoy in life.

What do you enjoy most?

The simple answer would be any topic, any subject. My real passion is photographing people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and different situations in short photojournalism. I love different light and how it can change the mood of the person portrayed.

The after affect of a satisfied customer.

My second love is nature especially wild life and natures larder, which comes a close second with prepared food.

You probably should not just read about, but view my work understand the infection and passion !